About Us


D&B Fabrication Plus, Inc., was formed in 2004 to help companies improve their product offering. At D&B (Design and Build), our goal is not only to help you improve your product, but also become your supplier. We pride ourselves in providing high quality products at competitive pricing. Utilizing our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, along with our extensive network of local and overseas suppliers, we are able to supply you with all of your product needs.
For companies to stay viable, they must continually strive to improve their product offering, yet maintain competitive pricing. Companies that lack engineering and design resources often settle for off-the-shelf solutions or use outdated designs in their products. In today’s market, a company needs to be forward-thinking to stay competitive. At D&B we understand that a company must be dynamic to survive in today’s market. Give us a call today for a free quotation, and let us become a part of your team.


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