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Quality, without the high costs.

Searching for a company who can encompass all of your supplier needs?  Well, search no further!  D&B Fabrication Plus, Inc., is the answer.  We are a company that is versatile and can adapt to our customers’ needs.  Using our in-house engineering experience, coupled with our manufacturing knowledge, we can do more than just supply our customers a product.  We can help with the improvement of their products.


To find a company that can provide a high-quality product, yet maintain competitive pricing, can be costly, frustrating and time consuming.  Using our experienced in-house team of professionals, our manufacturing capabilities, combined with our vast network of local and overseas suppliers, we are able to provide a wide range of services.


We at D&B are not only committed to providing high-quality products in a timely manner, we also strive to work closely with our customers to understand their needs to ensure we provide them with the products they envision.

Our company motto consists of “Vision, Commitment, Teamwork and

Quality”, as follows:

Our VISION is to help our customers improve their product offering, yet

maintain competitive pricing.  In today’s market, a company needs to be

forward-thinking to stay competitive.

Our COMMITMENT is to provide our customers with design and

manufacturing services that meet or exceed their expectations.

Our TEAM of in-house personnel and our extensive network of suppliers,

allows us to provide our customers with all of their product needs.

Our QUALITY system allows us to provide our customers with the highest

quality products and services.

Give us the opportunity to be a part of your team and become a valued supplier.


4130 Flat Rock Dr, Suite 110

Riverside, CA 92505

Hours:  7 AM - 4 PM,  Mon - Fri

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